Q. How do I order a review?

A. Go to our Shopping Cart page, and follow the clear instructions there. You’ll be able to pay by credit card and can choose whether you’ll mail in your physical book or upload a PDF of your e-book or digital manuscript.

Q. What is the turnaround time for receiving my review and report card?

A. Our turnaround time starts from receipt of the book (not when you have placed your order). That guaranteed time is 10 business days for digital books under 300 pages, and 15 business days (or more, depending) for digital books over 300 pages. For physical books, the turnaround time is a little longer because of the logistics. For books under 300 pages, the turnaround time will be as close to 10 business days as logistics allow, and for books over 300 pages, the turnaround time starts at 10 business days, but may be longer depending on the logistics and the length of the books. The page count does not include materials like separate pictures, indices or tables of content.

Q. What features and services set you apart?

A. Not only will you receive a detailed review for your book, but you will also receive our unique Report Card. This Report Card will acknowledge both the positive attributes of your book, and also can direct you on what areas you may need to improve. In addition, we accept all types of books on all types of subjects – and the book does not need to be published first. We will look at your unpublished manuscripts as well. Each review and report card is created by a real reader – though there are review guidelines for each reviewer, the unique review created is not a stock or mass-produced review.

Q. What kind of books do you accept for review?

A. We accept any book on any subject that is written in English. The book can be self-published, or even be an unpublished manuscript. We also accept books that have gone through a more traditional publishing path. They can only be submitted digitally in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

Q. Why should I have to pay for a review? Don’t some companies review books for free? And what about the free reviews I can get through online booksellers or local publications?

A. All review publications must find funding somewhere. Traditionally, print review publications have been financed in large part by advertisements and subscriptions from the mainstream publishing industry, whose books are then reviewed “free” to the author, yet in fact are subsidized by the traditional publisher. Newspaper and magazine reviews dwindle as these publications enter into their own financial troubles. We believe fee-based reviews serve an important role in the world of reading and writing as they guaranteed a detailed, high-quality and unbiased look at a book.
Many online reviewing sources do not have the credibility and solid reputation behind them. Our reviewers are real readers and they provide unbiased reviews with their own name behind them. The fee you pay goes in part for paying them for their time and paying for the website’s maintenance and upkeep. The fee in no way is paying for positive opinions.

Q. Why do I have to pay more for a book over 300 pages?

A. We are not trying to discourage lengthy books, but the longer the book, the more time it takes our reviewers to read them. We don’t want anyone to rush through a longer book, and this extra fee prevents that from happening. The turnaround time is also impacted, and is lengthened by a minimum of two business days.

Q. How do I get my book to you?

A. After you place your order, you will be asked to upload a PDF or Microsoft Word Document directly to our site. PDF is simply the easiest digital format to match with the wide variety of e-readers that are now available.

Q. I sent you my book, but haven’t heard back from you?

A. After each order is completed, you will receive an emailed receipt. Another email is sent out when we receive the book files. If you have not received these confirmation emails, contact us immediately.

Q. Am I guaranteed a review after I submit my books and payment?

A. Yes, as long as it meets the guidelines outlined above.

Q. Will you guarantee that my review is positive, since I am paying for it?

A. Absolutely not. All reviews and report cards will be completely unbiased.

Q. Who will review my book?

A. Real readers will be reading your books. All of these readers are also qualified writers, and will follow a set of specific guidelines in creating both the reviews and the report card.

Q. Can I choose my reviewer?

A. You can certainly request a certain reviewer, but ultimately this is not guaranteed. The reviewing schedules can change, and so while we will attempt to match your book with your requested reviewer, we cannot promise this.

Q. Can I resubmit my book for a second review?

A. Yes, but not through MyFirstReview (that would sort of defeat the purpose). We have another reviewing site coming soon that is geared toward a secondary look at your book. If you don’t like your original review, then it is up to you whether or not it is publicized on our website and beyond.

Q. But what if the review is just wrong?

A. Everyone does make mistakes. If the review contains large, factual errors, then please contact us. We will investigate the review and report card, and if necessary, a second review will be created, or you will be refunded.

Q. What if I just don’t like the review?

A. If the review doesn’t contain any errors, then we will not re-write the review to make it more complimentary. We are ethically bound to write unbiased reviews and report cards and we will not be influenced to make changes to them. We do, however, offer you the option of not publicizing the review. Then you are the only one to see it.

Q. How long will my review be?

A. We aim for about 300 words. Because these are written by people and not machines, some will be a little less and some will be a little more.

Q. How long will my review run on your website?

A. All reviews are archived on our website and will be easily searchable by title, author, keyword, genre, geographic region and reviewer. New reviews are featured in their entirety on our Newest Reviews page for a minimum of 4 weeks from its publication.

Q. Will the report card be posted on your site?

A. No, this is something that we produce strictly for the author’s benefit. If there is text that you wish to use there for endorsements or other promotional materials, you can, provided that it is properly accredited to YourFirstReview.com and to the reviewer.

Q. Where will my review be posted?

A. All reviews are posted on our website, and at that time you have the option to send out a link to the review in its entirety automatically on your facebook or twitter account. You will also receive instructions on how to add the review as an Editorial Review on Amazon. It is up to you how much or how little you want to use the review. All that we ask is that you properly accredit the review to YourFirstReview.com and to the reviewer.

Q. Where can I order a review?

A. Go to our Shopping Cart page, and follow the clear instructions there. You’ll be able to pay by credit card and can choose whether you’ll mail in your physical book or upload a PDF of your e-book or digital manuscript.