American Tyranny: Our Tax Apocalypse

Posted on: September 9th, 2013 by Krystal Rinyu

Title: American Tyranny: Our Tax Apocalypse

Author: Sawukaytis / Mackovski

Subject: Non-Fiction

Release Date: Available Now

Reviewer: Krystal Rinyu


Michael Sawukaytis’ American Tyranny: Our Tax Apocalypse gives the reader a well-researched insight into the current taxation laws of the United States, and gives an honest fact-based opinion on why he feels our current system is drastically in need of a change. For anyone who has little to no knowledge of the IRS and how taxes actually work, this book contains a wealth of information written in a clear and concise fashion. Sawukaytis’ prose is not only easy to follow, but easy to understand as well. The book is thought provoking as well, and will open up new insight into not only your personal income but also the laws of taxation surrounding it.

The book consults a wide amount of sources, and the author’s passion for the topic is quite evident. This is not light reading, however, and despite an introductory manner and some humorous asides, the target audience may be rather limited. Those already knowledgeable in the topic may lose interest with the book’s explicatory tone. And though it is not quite engaging enough to make the topic a fun one, the book does contain a lot of interesting points and new information. The prose is surprisingly lively, though the informal punctuation and mode of address detracts from an authoritarian air. Overall, this book will suit anyone who has an interest in learning more about the IRS or the current taxation system as well as anyone who wonders about where their money is going!