Building Visits

Posted on: August 1st, 2014 by bcg7700



Author: Bob Witham

Title: Building Visits

Subject: Non-Fiction

Release Date: Available now

Reviewer: Rebecca Ross


One would not typically think that a book written for car dealerships with the aim to increase sales would be considered particularly “interesting”, yet Building Visits author Bob Witham manages to present this potentially dry subject in a way that is both engaging and full of information.

As a veteran in the field of car dealership revitalization, Witham knows his stuff. He very clearly understands the problems facing many dealerships and has developed successful, tried-and-true solutions. This book could very easily be titled Increasing Service Visits Will Increase Your Sales, because that is the point that is being constantly driven home. And for good reason, as Witham’s years of personal experience and research all lead to this one, undeniable conclusion.

By addressing the question “Why are dealerships accepting the fact that customers are taking their cars elsewhere for service?”, Building Visits pinpoints just where struggling businesses can focus their efforts. But Witham doesn’t just drop this revelation in the laps of owners and sales reps, he provides extensive and detailed methods for bringing about positive change (read: increased sales). He uses a combination of personal experience, carefully collected data, charts, questions, and calls to action that will leave these owners and reps feeling confident and ready to form a plan for success.


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