Healing: On the Cause, Prevention and or Cure of Human Main Disease (HMD) and Related Diseases, by Masood Arjmand, Ph.D.

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 by Maria Josey


Title: Healing: On the Cause, Prevention and or Cure of Human Main Disease (HMD) and Related Diseases

Author: Masood Arjmand, Ph.D.

Subject: Non-fiction

Release Date: Available Soon

Reviewer: Maria Josey


Healing: On the Cause, Prevention and or Cure of Human Main Disease (HMD) and Related Diseases by Masood Arjmand, Ph.D. provides insight and various cures for HMD, a condition he claims all humans suffer. HMD occurs as a result of the blockage of human veins. The author describes his own successful treatment for the disease and it is this experience that leads him to share his knowledge to help others.

The book opens with some very bold statements, which despite their compelling nature, inspire skepticism and doubt. For example, Arjmand states in the very first chapter that “Every dead human has most likely prematurely died of HMD.” While surely most readers might infer that he means “Every dead human who died of natural causes…” (because it’s hard to believe that a man who died in a car crash can blame it on HMD), it still immediately evokes a skeptical concern for a doctor (even a non-medical doctor) who would make such unchecked, broad claims. Also, he describes the basis of HMD as resulting from humans having too-thin skin. Unlike animals with thick skin that offers a stout layer of protection, when humans sit, lie or put pressure on any part of the body, damage to veins and blockages result. Again, it’s difficult to digest this statement. Regardless of personal beliefs of the origins of humanity, it is difficult to believe that in all of history the root cause of all sickness (that has gone unrecognized) lies with our skin as the ultimate death sentence. The immediate reaction to that claim is, “If that’s true, how come so many humans can live to 80, 90, or even past 100 years old?” While the author does not address this issue, he does explain that our lymph nodes can’t do enough to protect us from the urine that accumulates in various parts of our bodies – again another statement that doesn’t seem to follow the laws of human anatomy.

Further into the book, the author offers some very insightful suggestions for improving circulation and addresses some extremely valid points (such as restrictive clothing), but much of the book is simply too incredulous to be believable. If baldness was caused by HMD – the result of vein blockage and reduction of blood flow from sleeping on a pillow – then why isn’t everyone bald? Also, his advice to beat one’s skin with a mallet (or other hard objects, such as a door frame) is not only bizarre, but possibly quite dangerous. While there are several references to mystical poets, there isn’t one shred of scientific study, footnotes, journal references or other citations. If the author is truly passionate about his findings, I would recommend pursuit of some scientific study and grants to further his research. I’d also recommend eliminating the plethora of “all or nothing” claims which reduce his tone of authority and validity.