Saskett’s Escape

Posted on: August 13th, 2013 by Maura Sullivan


Title: Saskett’s Escape

Author: Robert Ackerman

Subject: Thriller

Release Date: Available Now

Reviewer: Maura Sullivan


The book, Saskett’s Escape: A Novel, by Robert Ackerman centers around a couple, Mandy and Rick. Together, they take off from their busy New York City lives for a quiet, relaxing vacation on a rural New England resort community with a rich colonial history called Huxette’s Island. From the very start, the couple notices some odd behaviors on the island: an unusual nighttime bonfire by teens clad in black… a strange symbol affixed over the door of their B&B… odd behavior by the locals in town… Still, that doesn’t stop them from achieving their much needed relaxation. Mandy and Rick fall in love with the island, so much so that they decide to purchase a home – a beautiful seaside house called “Saskett’s Escape.” As they settle into their secluded island home, dark mysteries about the town and its people begin to prick Mandy’s curiosity, and her investigations into some of the local legends and lore thrusts her into the thick of an evil web of witchcraft and devil worship that dates back to the time of the Salem Witch Trials. The malevolent forces that have inhabited the town for centuries have infiltrated the historic families of Huxette’s Island, and there’s no room for Mandy and Rick. Despite the repeated warnings, Mandy is determined to get to the bottom of the island’s occult history and the deadly secrets that are closing in on her. Tensions heighten on Halloween with weather and town threatening Mandy’s very life.

The story is quite a riveting page turner. The author keeps readers guessing as to what lurks on the next page, but the building anticipation at times is quite hair-raising. The story progresses quickly, and the banter between Mandy and Rick evokes several laughs along the way to break up the tension. The suspense builds very well and the author has done a wonderful job in creating a fast-paced, tight plot. There is not a dull moment to be found! While this storyline may feel a bit reminiscent of others like “The Lottery” or “The Wicker Man,” this has a captivating charm and plot that will keep a reader’s attention. Clearly, Ackerman has immersed himself into this novel and his professionalism shows. Readers who enjoy the thriller/mystery/horror genre will revel in this haunting tale of an island that just can’t let go of its past. But be warned – read it with all the lights on!