The Tommy “The Duke” Morrison Story

Posted on: November 26th, 2013 by bcg7700


Title: The Tommy “The Duke” Morrison Story

Author: Charles Hood

Subject: Non-Fiction

Release Date: Available Now


Charles Hood’s book, The Tommy “The Duke” Morrison Story, presents the story of heavyweight boxing champion, Tommy Morrison.  Hood’s extensive interviews offer Morrison’s biography through the voice of his former wife, Dawn Morrison Brady. Iit chronicles the 13 years she spent in Morrison’s life.  Filled with numerous disturbing scenes, the book is rife with tales involving drug use, womanizing and physical violence in and out of the ring.

The book recounts Tommy’s life from his childhood spent with an abusive and unfaithful father and describes the development of his professional boxing career.  We learn of Dawn’s very difficult childhood with her mother who had been assaulted by a pastor.  The story then follows the track of Tommy and Dawn’s relationship, through the few high points and ever-increasing low ones. At times, Dawn tries to look on the bright side of her life with Morrison, especially regarding his physical appearance and his sometimes-caring demeanor.  Yet overall, the book presents an account of the relentlessly destructive behavior of an addict – seeking out drugs, wasting money, strung-out living and unremitting lying.

Although the story focuses on Tommy, Dawn is the more sympathetic character.  Readers, especially female readers, will be able to connect with Dawn’s story. Her honest accounting of their relationship offers the strongest aspect to the book.  Her authentic voice comes through Hood’s clear writing. It would have been nice to include further details about the development of Dawn’s next relationship and eventual remarriage. As it stands, the book follows the downward spiraling life of Tommy all the way through to his contraction of the HIV / AIDS virus.  It would have been nice to have more hopeful moments to break up the tear-jerking scenes. Fans of Tommy Morrison may be shocked at this detailed look into his past, filtered through his ex-wife’s eyes. Professional heavyweight boxing fans will also be interested in this biography. But just a warning – this tale is a very depressing recounting of a sad life, drug addiction and ill treatment. Keep the tissues on hand!