Winds Of Time, By B.G. Simpson

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by Krystal Rinyu


Title: Winds Of Time

Author: B.G. Simpson

Subject: Non-fiction

Release Date: Available Now

Reviewer: Krystal Rinyu


B. G. Simpson’s Winds of Time introduces readers to six college students, all born on the same day, who have (with the exception of one), experienced a life or death experience, been in a coma, selected to attend the same college and are a part of their “gifted” program. Each student has a secret, too – one “sees” things, one “dreams” things, and so on. And most importantly, each student holds a special place in the fate of the world. This hodgepodge of students has very little time to find a series of scrolls before the literal end of the world, but to do so, they must travel back in time to find the answers they seek if they have any hope of saving the present.

Winds of Time contains a wonderful amount of detail; so much so that as a reader, you are able to visualize the different characters as well as their surroundings. As the first book in a series, a lot of time is spent introducing this version of the world, and with such a varied cast, the beginning may overwhelm some readers. Once a connection is forged with a character, the scene shifts, and the reader starts anew with a different character. At times, this crosses the line into confusing – not to mention a little frustrating.

The characters are each well-developed, with unique personalities, experiences and traumas. I wish even more of their backstories were included – though perhaps future volumes in the series will reveal more of these details. Though each of the six characters are introduced within their sections (whether it be one chapter or two), a firmer foundation could have been built by lengthening those sections before the characters all come together at the college.

But as the novel progresses, it becomes much stronger. Some sections, though, are bogged down by an overwhelming amount of detail. In places, the book becomes difficult to get through, requiring some re-reading before being able to move onward, which negatively impacts the overall pacing of the novel. The author brings to light some very interesting concepts, though.

It is easy to connect with these characters, though – especially since they do not all escape the story without some form of heartbreak. The emotions of each character has an authentic and realistic quality to it (occasionally a bit melodramatic). The ending perfectly sets up the next book in the series, though readers may need a box of tissues handy. I am looking forward to seeing where the sequel will go!

All in all, this is a thought-provoking novel, and reminds readers that life is both fleeting and precious – remember that the winds of time are forever blowing, forever changing, so do what you can now because tomorrow is promised to no one.